Do ultrawide monitors make you more productive

One of the hottest new accessories in computing is ultrawide monitors. These screens are basically giant sized, have a wide monitor and have started replacing office setups which were using dual monitors. But one might wonder, are they really an improvement over the same?
After all dual monitors look impressive and also contribute to productivity. It is so easy to switch between windows and you can see more windows at one time. But as compared to dual monitors, do ultrawide monitors make workers more productive?
Before we get into the comparison, let us first know what is an ultrawide monitor? The basic difference between a standard monitor and these ultrawide ones are the size and shape. Their main feature is the different aspect ratio. A flat screen monitor would give you a display of an aspect ratio of 16:9 whereas ultrawide monitors would give you a horizontal display of 21:9. As the name suggests these monitors are much wider and some models can be curved too.
Can they really increase productivity?
If you are a worker who is used to having multiple monitors on your desktop, you should remember one important point – productivity is not defined by the number of monitors you have, rather the number of applications you are able to display at one given time. If you have more open windows the more you can swap between them and this is what can make you productive. In theory, any monitor that gives you access to more applications at one time can increase the productivity.
Now, these ultrawide monitors come in various sizes. Once you go above 30” or 34”, these monitors give you the advantage of working with three to four windows at one go and on one monitor. In case that is more than what is happening in your current setup, then maybe you should consider switching. It would definitely enhance your productivity.
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